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With the Autobots from Transformers watching, Sam gives Mikaela Banes a quick tune-up, cleaning out her pipes before pumping them full of hot cum. You won't see Megan Fox filled with a cock, then fucked like this anywhere else. It looks like so much fun that even the Autobots have to join in on the naughty encounter.

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Casino Royale
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The Bond Girl in Casino Royale, Vesper Lynd played by Eva Green was sent to supervise James Bond in the latest Bond episode, however it looks like he also has his eyes on her. The high stakes game on this table has nothing to do with poker. James shows Vesper all of his stunning spy tricks in this rough and tumble encounter.
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Before the fighting even started, Queen Gorgo sent her lover Leonidas, the king of Sparta off with one final night of passion that he would never forget. She gave him something that he would never forget, something that would make him want to come home - a wild fuck fest that kept them more than occupied until the next morning.
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Battlestar Galactica
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I always knew there was more to Battlestar Galatica that we weren't seeing. Behind the scenes is where the real action was going - lusty lesbian threesomes between the female characters, wild hardcore threesomes involving two very horny officers and one very lucky male and of course lots of one on one x-rated adventures.
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Beth The Cheerleader
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Beth, the blonde cheerleader always acted like she was better than everyone else but now we're finding out that she isn't as innocent as she looked. Here we have her getting fucked hard from behind, filling up her tight pussy with a big hard cock. She screams out in pain and but also in pleasure as he fills up her tiny cunt with cum.
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Dead or Alive - Ninja Gaiden
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In Dead or Alive episode of Ninja Garden, Ryu Hayabusa comes across more than a few female vixens. Never before have we seen him in action with these seductresses like we have here at celeb Hentai. Ryu has his way with all of the women - fucking them, filling them with hot cum, even sliding his man sword between their huge boobs.
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Die Hard
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Here's several scenes from Die Hard that didn't make the final cut, but definitely shouldn't have been left on the cutting room floor. In these scenes, we see Lucy McClane seducing everyone from the bad guys to her dad's side kick, to even her dad, John McClane played by Bruce Willis. It seems that Mary Elizabeth Winstead can't get enough cock.
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This is one episode of Diggers that you won't find anywhere else - the girls are on their own and instead of facing great forces of evil - they face and struggle with the huge cock belonging to their arch enemy. Not only are the tight cunts drilled, but soon each of them have their very tight asses violated and penetrated.
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Final Fantasy
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Here's one scene I don't remember from the Final Fantasy video games or the movie - Princess Ashe is seduced by the adventure Vaan. She can no longer resist her attraction to him and they share one night of wild passion. It's a much needed release of passion and stress that built up during their travels and battles.
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Thank god, that the cheerleader wasn't saving herself for marriage. Here we have Hayden Panettiere who plays Claire in one hardcore adventure that she won't need her super powers for. However, the hottest scene might not involve a cock - its when Ali Larter's character Niki and Claire share a lesbian fueled girl on girl romp in the bed.
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I know a lot of the secret codes that open up hidden scenes in Kameo but here is one that I never found. Kameo has had enough of her sister, Kalus's jealousy. It starts with a steamy lesbian adventure - complete with a spanking. However, in the end both of the girls get a fucking that they won't be able to forget by a mysterious warrior.
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Resident Evil
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The movie Resident Evil is action packed, but here's some action that didn't make it on to the main screen. We have both lesbian and hardcore scenes featuring the three of the main characters, Alice, Claire and Carlos from Resident Evil. I definitely never thought that we'd be seeing interaction like this between Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter.
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Ring Of Lust
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Now we get to find out what the real lust in the Ring Of Lust really was. Watch as she plays the role of seductress and temptress until she gets what she wants. In this case, it's the rock solid cock deep inside of her. She is fucked, pounded and drilled from behind until her new lover pulls out and shoots his load of hot cum all over her back side.
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Paris Hilton
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We all know about Paris Hilton's sex tape called One Night In Paris, but here's one sex tape that has just been uncovered. She's known for her luxurious and rich lifestyle, but here we have her in the ghetto - in search of a black lover to satisfy her craving for cock. There's no Gucci and Prada here - just hardcore fucking.
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Carmen Sandiego
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It looks like we'll no longer have to ask where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. She's been caught and getting a taste of her own medicine. She gets spanking from her former partner in crime - RoboCrook who even uses his tentacles to probe her. But if you think that is wild, wait to you see what happens when the good guys get their hands on her.
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